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Ryan Farrington

WELCOME to my personal spot on the world-wide web! I created this site to share my hobbies and interests with all who come by. Virtual building toys like Lego and K'nex, paper airplanes, a humor page, an entire art portfolio, and more!

Who am I? I am a college student majoring in graphic design and you can learn more about me on this page.

Virtual Construction
All about virtual building on the computer with Lego, K'nex, Lincoln Logs, and Fun with Architecture.
ArTron is a Lego story of Aric Schröder, a space mining entrepreneur, and his conflict with his home country; with a picture gallery of ships in his space force.
Art Portfolio
Most of my artwork from private lessons, college courses, and working on my own.
Other Things
Paper Airplanes
Amateur Radio
The Truth
About Me

This site is in not sponsored, authorized or endorsed by either the Lego Company or K'nex. It was created by someone who enjoys their products.

2003—A whole new look to my website! With my ever-growing art portfolio section I needed a better navigation method for the site. Also, I decided since I am a graphic designer, the site needed artistic updating too.

Along with the new appearance, I have added a few new models to my Lego creations page.

Major updates to the K'nex parts library

More art

ArTron chapter 7 is being written

Fun with Architecture parts library

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